Wooden wall and a set of handcuffs are the things needed to have juicy MILF tied spread eagle. You might want to use ball gag and some oil to make the scene kinkier when strangling the slut. Let the fun begin!

Tied spread eagle with cuffsWoman is restrained and teased with vibratorGirl is cumming from rope strangling

Penny is the type of women we all enjoy in bondage: blessed with great body, a pair of big boobs and a slutty face to fuck. Seeing her spread helplessly across the wall is pure pleasure. Once leather cuffs are put over girl's wrists it took us just a couple of minutes to screw those to the wood. It is time to put some oil all over the luscious body and place a ball gag in that pretty mouth of hers.

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MILF is bound spread now and fully exposed to any kind of tortures and teases. How about putting a vibrator in close contact with her clitor and using a bit of choking to make her orgasms stronger? Note a rope noose around woman's neck: it is so nice to make it tighter and watch the way she is gasping for air and cumming at the very same time! Girl's pussy is soaking wet and I think she is ready to take your cock now. Is there any particular way you want to bang this bondage whore in?

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Another attractive lady is bound spread in anticipation of whipping punishment. It works extremely well when woman is unable to keep her legs together and nothing protects her pussy from the painful lashes! Are you in the mood of hitting that cunt with a whip?

Slim painslut was photographed in the Pain Gate website studio where her pussy and belly have been whipped. Slavegirl is entirely naked in the scene with only a pair of high heel shoes on her feet. Ropes and leather restraints are tied to girl's wrists and ankles, keeping her limbs spread sideways: it is time to use the whip!

Tying woman spread in between wooden postsHitting the pussy with wet whipWhipping marks are all over her body

This might look like an ordinary whipping punishment, but it is not. Look closer and you'll notice the fact that leather whip is soaking wet. Lashes made with wet whip are much more painful and red marks all over slave's pussy prove that. Screaming in pain, tied spread eagle woman is enjoying the extreme corporal punishment. Would you like to it on video?

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Some websites sometimes surprise with the weirdness of bondage they are into. Beautiful and submissive Andy San Dimas had experienced one of those bizarre sessions where her body was subjected to extreme BDSM impact. How about a couple of sample pictures of hot girl in pain?

Merciless guys from Device Bondage website built a whole rack to torture helpless gal with. Poor woman is nude and her soft and warm body is locked in between many cold steel tubes. Frame isn't giving captive girl a chance to move an inch keeping her in a strict spread eagle pose.

Spread eagle bondage for slave Andy San DimasWhiping pussy of a girl who is bound with steelScreaming from extreme pain and dripping saliva

But what's makes this scene very special is the bizarre hairstyle! You don't normally see hair being used during BDSM action but in this particular case the guys taken full advantage of girl's helplessness! Andy is having her long hair divided in many small pigtails and each of those was tied up with a thin rope! Isn't she adorable: exposed in a spread eagle bondage pose, looking like Medusa and screaming from extreme pain?

Yes, there were lot of painful tortured performed on the restrained girl. You can enjoy them all in the full version of this episode available at the Device Bondage website. Let me give you a little teaser saying that pussy whipping and heavy lead weights attached to her pussy cheeks was just a beginning. Click the banner above to watch Andy San Dimas posing in bizarre spread eagle bondage now!

Intense whipping and spread eagle bondage are back together in the gallery presented by the Pain Gate website. Shall we look around the corner where gorgeous woman is being tortured by the merciless man?

Woman is high heels is bound spreadGirl is whipped between her legsShaved pussy is about to be hit with the whip

Welcome to the kinky backyard where beautiful woman in high heel shoes is standing on two wood logs. Tiny jacket is the only piece of clothes the slut is wearing. The girl cannot cover her nudity because her arms are spread wide with two pieces of rope tied to her wrists. Stripped and helpless, she is fully exposed and can be subjected to any kind of BDSM punishment you like! How about whipping?

Punished with extreme whippingWhipped in spread eagle bondageWhipping her tits

Painful torment begins when master takes the single-tailed whip and starts lashing spread bound subgirl. He isn't missing a single inch of her luscious body paying additional attention to the most sensual spots. I like hearing those sexy sounds the girl is making when he hits the tits or whip is landing in between her legs. Tied spread woman is trying to avoid painful strokes by making kinky moves with her legs: can you imagine something sexier than naked woman in spread eagle bondage trying to protect her pussy from the whip?

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We all love sexy superheroes in captivity and I've got something utterly special for you today. How do you feel about enjoying Wonder Woman in bondage, totally helpless and with a stick of dynamite in her pussy?

Famous bondage model Ashley Renee is a big fan of sexy clothing and damsel in distress sort of bondage storylines. This time she plays the role of sexy Wonder Woman wearing the exact costume we all dig fans of!

Sexy superhero is spyingDragging unconscious Wonder WomanSuperhero is bound spread eagle

Superhero was on a mission when suddenly was knocked out from behind by a villain. I'd enjoyed the way her was dragging unconscious body across the lawn and tying her is a spread eagle pose. Busty girl was surprised to find herself helplessly bound to the four wooden sticks hammered to the ground. Wonder Woman tried to call for help but ended up with a ball gag in her mouth: she looks so sweet now!

Exposed bondage slave posing on the lawnBurning the fuse to blow up Wonder Woman

But capturing the powerful superhero and keeping her bound spread wasn't villain's plan. He wants to destroy Wonder Woman once and for all. Maybe explosives can help. Bad guy used the knife to cut through the blue panties the bitch was wearing and stuck a stick of dynamite straight in to her pussy. He is lightening the fuse and there is one question on my mind right now: if Wonder Woman is going to escape this time?

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Have you seen women bound spread and sucking cocks? Well of course you have! But what about enjoying a girl hanging upside down, with her legs and hands spread wide and forced to do a blowjob?

Famous bondage rigger Matt Williams had started his very own website Sexually Broken where he brings to live his dirtiest bondage sex fantasies. Don't expect to see any kind of storylines there: hot girls are just being put in bondage and fucked brutally in front of the camera: it's that simple!

Spread eagle bondage and suspensionHead down suspension of a spread legged slut

Wenona is very flexible girl so having her legs spread wide (like she is sitting on twine) and tied to wooden post feels totally normal. Becoming suspended upside down is a little more challenging but still tolerably. It's getting pretty nasty when girl's throat getting invaded with huge cock. Poor tied spread eagle slut!

Bound spread eagle upsidedownSuspended in bondage and doing blowjobBizarre slave throating

Skinny woman spent a good half an hour hanging there exposed in bondage, choking with her own saliva and taking cock as deep into her throat as she could. Master fed the slut with a huge load of cum and you are welcome to enjoy this happening!

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Sometimes you need something more than just dominant girl having the submissive one bent over the knee and spanked. I guess wooden cross would help a couple of lesbians BDSM sluts to reach the next level in the painful game they are playing!

Lesbians slave OTK spankingSteel clamps are attached to bound breasts

Slave Ashley is becoming tied spread on the BDSM cross after her ass is being spanked OTK. Dominatrix Felony used ropes and chains to have naked subgirl helplessly exposed. She even put a tight ball gag in slave's mouth. Helpless and unable to make a sound, bondage slut can be subjected to any kind of BDSM punishment you want. Any suggestions?

Lesbians is bound spread eagle to BDSM crossLesbian slave is ball gagged and breast-boundSexual tease of the spreag-eagled lesbian

Breast bondage would be the first ting I'd like to start with. Just look at those bound tits: something magical happened to the lesbian slave when she was put in spreadeagle bondage and tight ropes were put all over her boobs! It is impossible to take your eyes off the bondaged slut but even more kinky things are to come!

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Mistress Felony is using a couple of steel clamps to make the torment a bit more painful. The first clamps are attached to bond breasts and the second are used to keep slave's cunt wide open by pulling pussy cheeks sideways. Sexy Ashley can do nothing about the powerful vibrator put in close contact with her clit. We are going to tease her slowly until she is fully exhausted with multiple orgasms and lots of squirting!

There is a full version of this episode can be seen at the Whipped Ass website. Domme Felony and slave Ashley spend a couple of hours in front of the camera, filming every second of the BDSM tease described. Click the banner above to watch poor lesbian sub moaning, crying and cumming while exposed in spreadeagle bondage and tortured by the sexy mistress!
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