Interrogation os tied spread eagle spy

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When talking about tied spread eagle slaves, the first thing that comes to my mind is lesbian BDSM. No one can feel the passion of bondage ties that one female tying another. I recommend you to check out Smothered Slave website, because it is fully devoted to lesbian bondage stories. I've put a few sample images in this post, but you can see more in the preview gallery.

This bondage story is all about female soldier captured, tied nude, tortured and interrogated while tied spread eagle. Mya Nichole is a pretty slave that is wearing kinky military uniform. She has been captured by Natali Demore. Perfect lesbian BDSM roleplay involves a lot of bondage poses (you can see them all in the full version of this episode), but let me go straight to tied spread eagle part.

Lesbian slave is undressed and dragged to the bedroom. Four leather cuffs are put on her wrists and ankles that are tied to the bed with white ropes. Just look at that nude and tied spread eagle babe! Her body is totally exposed and ready to take some serious tortures. There is a mouth-opening device put in place and a number of clothes pegs attached all over her sexy breasts. Stimulated with vibrator and intense breast torture, tied lesbian is ready have her orgasm, but mistress denies her from cumming. This type of interrogation is sexy but what will you say about enema torment applied to tied spread eagle lesbian?

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