Tied spread eagle with steel bonds

Tied spread eagle bondage can be done not only with ropes or chains but also with other types of BDSM restraints. Here is an example where a really attractive woman is getting exposed with lots of steel tubes.

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The bonds are created very well: helpless girl can't move at all because tight steel shakes are holding her wrists while the couple of others are designed to keep her ankles motionless. This is a real deal tied spread eagle pose.

You need flash to see this movie.

Another set of metal tubes are mounted around girl's tights and the last one is put around her head. It is nice that BDSM master, who created this bizarre bondage bondage, added a few bits to the scene to make it more exciting. There are two steel nipple clamps with huge lead weights are attached to female tits and an artificial cock is put in her pussy from the beneath. What a tied spread eagle pose for woman to be put in!

It took me just a few words to describe the scene but actually there is much more kinky things happens. The full version is about 25 min. long and shows every second of the action. You can access it right now by clicking the banner below. Enjoy tied spread eagle bondage created by BDSM professionals:

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